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I strongly believe that only the "local" record is set to trust. try something like that: local all all trust host all all trust host all all ::1/128 trust this should work for all kinds of local connections.


You can create several test types with sysbench, but if you look at the typical OLTP tests for SELECTS and INSERTS you will see that the queries executed are similar in pattern, but with random values for each query (not identical every time). If they were identical (something that you could test if you wanted), structures like the query cache and buffer ...


i have used PostGIS for over a decade now and I can tell you for sure that there is no match for it in the NoSQL world. how many rows do you have? how large is the thing? Mongo is definitely not going to make you happy. I am pretty sure you did something fishy on the PostgreSQL side to even consider using Mongo. Let us fix it ...

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