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I tilted on your "data loss could have legal ramifications here" comment. Then, you definitely want to get a powerful 3rd party tool (like DPM) that can handle backups (and recover from catastrophics events in a flash and minimal fussing around) alot faster and alot better than any script you can pull off the Internet. Having backups is one thing. Knowing ...


I would reverse the naming convention for dealing with subset types. So a table of users, then another table of users_admin, users_reader, users_approver. I've used this in the past for parent-child tables. It makes them easy to locate and determine who is the parent and who is the child when looking at a list of table names.


It can make sense to insert data in order. There's lots of caveats to this though. If the data isn't frequently updated and if you're using certain types of tables or indexes (e.g. IOT, clustered indexes). Being in order means that if you're doing a range scan of the ordered column (e.g. BETWEEN x AND Y) then the data is more likely to be in a ...


In our company we maintain read-only slaves of production databases that are not relied on by production services. We grant developers access to those for access to production data. If there is sensitive data (Customer Info, payment info, Etc.) we restrict replication of those tables and maintain a sample data table on the slave server.

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