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Just a note: these new data types support the same sizes as the deprecated types they replace, e.g. 2GB of data (which means a different number of characters depending on Unicode and other factors). One thing for sure is you should parse all of your existing application code, stored procedures, functions etc. for instances of built-ins like UPDATETEXT, ...


We've gone through this without any issues. Anywhere you are updating or inserting data, make sure that is a traditional insert/update and that you aren't using WRITETEXT or UPDATETEXT. Other than that, everything should work fine.


In the absence of any answers I've explored the issue further myself. It looks like user-defined functions can handle all base types, including bytea and smallint[], so this doesn't affect the choice of representation much. I tried out several different representations on a PostgreSQL 9.4 server running locally on a Windows 7 laptop with a vanilla ...

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