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You cannot redeclare variables, nor can you test to see if they have been declared (at least not that I have ever been able to find). BUT, you shouldn't need to do this anyway. If you know the variable names ahead of time, just declare them all at the beginning of the process. Then, use them throughout the script. For example: ...


Create a set of staging tables in the target database. Write rows to these as they are generated, which seems to be one or two at a time. This can be inside a transaction. Once the whole batch (200 rows?) is in these staging tables use a stored procedure in the target database to move them en masse from the staging tables to the real ones.


I've seen similar problems addressed by decoupling the app from the central server: Remote sites install a local SQL Server Express along with the app Apps talk to the local Express instance. Low latency, good availability. SQL Server Express uses Service Broker to deliver the updates to the central server Service Broker handles the network availability, ...

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