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You can probably use a query with a single SELECT like this one: SELECT CAST(10001 AS varchar)) AS KdNr , CAST(2014 AS varchar)) AS LastYear , CAST(2015 AS varchar)) AS CurrentYear , LY1 = ROUND(SUM( CASE WHEN AuftragsKennung <> 4 AND MONTH(Datum_erfassung)=1 AND YEAR(Datum_erfassung)=2014 ...


Your answer will probably look something like this: // I don't know why you weren't using UTC time in your sample. That leaves you at the mercy // of your server's time zone which is rarely a good policy. If you must though you can // replace `UtcNow` with `Now`. var getQ = db.intrads.Where(s => s.Time >= DateTime.UtcNow.Date.AddHours(8)); I don't ...

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