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You could likely take what Chrissy did in this PowerShell script to import large CSV files into SQL Server, then either translate it into C# or have the C# code just call this script. Dump the data into a staging table, and then split out as needed. You do not state that you need to import into multiple tables. I would expect if you have to do this all from ...


I would use SSIS and load the data into staging tables, then verify/massage the data there. Create a flat file connection in your ssis package and set your own custom delimiter (~). From what I've seen, SSIS is efficient at importing data, especially from flat file sources.


Resolving deadlocks can be tricky because you need to be knowledgable about all of the different types of objects and locks and how they can prevent each other's sessions from making any progress. Your stack trace can be used to indicate what resources your process was using, but not the survivor process. Some deadlocks have more than two sessions involved. ...

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