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It's a special datatype for storing ip addresses. It would be more compact that the string representation of the same information as well as type safe. inet An IP address. It can be either 4 bytes long (IPv4) or 16 bytes long (IPv6). There is no inet constant, IP address should be inputed as strings


I've fixed this by upgrading Cassandra to the latest version; I was running the last 2.x release and now it's running the latest 3.0.7 version.


Insufficient permissions on directory /hints I'm guessing that your "cassandra" user doesn't have permissions to add a new directory on its own. Similar to the tarball installation process, you'll need to create the directory yourself. where the location for this directory? By default, the location for /hints is: $CASSANDRA_HOME/data/hints You ...


There is a new system keyspace called "system_schema", but there are only two tables in it: Ok something must have gone wrong in your upgrade, because that's not right. When I check my system_schema 3.4, I see this: [cqlsh 5.0.1 | Cassandra 3.4 | CQL spec 3.4.0 | Native protocol v4] Use HELP for help. aploetz@cqlsh> use system_schema ; aploetz@cqlsh:...

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