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You have to specify that you are inserting wide character data: CREATE TABLE #t (id INT,c1 VARCHAR(MAX),c2 NVARCHAR(MAX)); INSERT INTO #t VALUES(1,'žđšćč žđćčžđšćčŽĐŠĆČ','žđšćč žđćčžđšćčŽĐŠĆČ'); INSERT INTO #t VALUES(2,N'žđšćč žđćčžđšćčŽĐŠĆČ',N'žđšćč žđćčžđšćčŽĐŠĆČ'); SELECT * FROM #t; DROP TABLE #t; Result:


I don't think collation is your problem as that is related to sorting and ordering (although you might get a problem later using ORDER BY and so on), but you mention you have some VARCHAR fields. Those will not accept Unicode characters (which Cyrillic certainly are): They will need to be NVARCHAR throughout to do that. Next, how are you inserting your ...

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