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The logs led us to review our Cluster services: There was an error to lookup cluster resources. Error: There was a failure to call cluster code from a provider. Exception message: Generic failure . Status code: 4104. Description: . HResult : 0x86d80014 FacilityCode : 1752 (6d8) ErrorCode : 20 (0014) Data: errorMessage = There was a failure to call ...


The problem has something to do with permissions on the underlying server and not SSIS or the MSDB. We had the same problem. Temporarily adding the user's AD account to the local administrators group fixed this for us. Adding their AD account to PowerUsers or Users did not; however, I am certain that we could have found what was missing in the Local Security ...


Decided to take a risk and test it in production. Took out 2 nodes from 4 node cluster without uninstalling SQL from those and I can confirm for the two weeks of being in this situation I haven't receive any complaint from users. Hope this helps others potentially dealing with same question


Install with the pre-SP1 SQL 2012 media. Then, after your cluster is up, follow the procedure to apply SP1. It appears the 11/2012 SP1 slipstream installer was not tested for this component when being installed from scratch. This media worked: en_sql_server_2012_enterprise_edition_x86_x64_dvd_813294.iso This did not: ...

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