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If you start a node with gcomm:// you've created a new cluster. After you have bootstrapped a cluster and have at-least two nodes in that cluster, you should change the original gcomm:// to the actual systems part of that cluster (e.g. gcomm://IP1,...,IPN); otherwise if you restart MySQL on that node without paying attention to the my.cnf you've just ...


You are missing a node, either another data bearing node or an arbiter. Here is why. A replica set needs a quorum > 50% of the original replica set members. Additionally, if a single node could decide to become primary, every network partitioning, every failing switch would result in a split brain situation, where two nodes assume they are primary. Add an ...


Installing Windows Server from scratch would remove any issues from the failed install and ensure that there are no problems going forward when patching or changing the SQL Server instance. If this is going to be a production server removing any chance for downtime in the future should be the biggest concern.


Use a server-side trace, not Profiler. Both have an impact on throughput, Profiler much more so. ClearTrace is a great tool for offline analysis of the trace files. To answer question 1), you connect to the instance not the node. Question 2), you obviously need to gather data from the node the instance is currently running on.

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