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It was a while i posted this, i did solve the problem after i while. The problem was related to Symantec Storage Foundation. KB here: http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=TECH125163 In the article it says you need to call them to get a hotfix, but SP2 that is avalible for download also solved the problem.


Galera (for MySQL, Percona XtraDB Cluster or MariaDB Cluster, they are essentially the same but from different vendors and base mysql version) can work perfectly with 2 machines, and it is a very common setup for substituting standard MySQL replication. Requiring 3 nodes is not a requirement of Galera, but of any cluster that cares about data consistency ...


Have you configured MSDTC on both the source and target machine using dcomcnfg? The distributed transaction coordinator, by default, does not allow distributed transactions. You need to configure it by running dcomcnfg as an administrator, and configure the options applicable to your situation:


You can change this behavior with the ALTER SERVER CONFIGURATION statement. The flexibility to modify all of the necessary parameters (path, max files, max file size) should give you enough control to get it to where you want. See the bottom of the referenced link above for samples/examples. Here is one copied from the source: ALTER SERVER CONFIGURATION ...


It sounds (from the extra comments) more like you want a way to keep two databases in sync after one is completely cut-off for a small or medium amount of time. I'm not fully sure on how your DR scenario is going to work, and honestly at this point I'd suggest looking into the following: Setup a cloud hosted server through something such as windows azure, ...

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