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If you are going to use custom collations for specific databases then yes, you'll need to make the collations match whenever you are joining or unioning data from the two databases. In fact you will need to do this with many metadata queries anyway. Just look at catalog views like sys.tables: SELECT c.name, c.collation_name FROM sys.all_columns AS c INNER ...


From Books Online database_default - Causes the COLLATE clause to inherit the collation of the current database. If you are executing your second query from the common database then the value from master.dbo.sysdatabases is being coerced into common's collation, not the other way around as you suppose.


I am not going to answer you because I do not know utf8_slovak_ci nor the slovak language, but I will tell you how I would test it myself: Take an extensive list of words containing "problematic" (as in, non-existant in the English alphabet) letter representations (as far as I know, letters in your language containing ˇ, ´, ¨ and ˆ, maybe others)- Please ...

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