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@gbn has already explained using NVARCHAR, that it holds UCS-2 characters, and COLLATE. But there were two follow-up questions: select statement to list the records in order of below. 1. Arabic, 2. Hebrew 3. English and: can you tell any way to filter only Arabic records or only Hebrew? Yes, it is possible to accomplish both of these. No, it ...


CHAR(0) appears to be converted to a space, or CHAR(32). The following demonstrates the problem: DECLARE @Data NVARCHAR(255); SELECT @Data = 'this is a test' + CHAR(0) + 'of null'; DECLARE @i INT; SET @i = 1; DECLARE @txt NVARCHAR(255); WHILE @i < LEN(@Data) BEGIN IF SUBSTRING(@Data, @i, 1) = CHAR(0) BEGIN SET @txt = 'found a null char ...

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