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As long as you change the service account within SQL Server Configuration Manager (SSCM) it will apply all the permissions required (registry, files, etc.). Only thing to be aware of are those rare occasions where SSCM process does not apply all permissions as expected, generally from some WMI issue. I so far have not come across this in new versions of ...


to disable query cahche you need add the following prameters to cnf file: query_cache_size=0 query_cache_type=0 to skip external lock you need to comment or remove skip-external-locking and to disable delay key write you need to add the following parameter delay-key-write= OFF


I quite often have to setup MS SQL Server and wondered if anyone can provide advice on configuring the accounts the services should run as. IMO this has been vaguely documented by Microsoft, while they point you in the right direction I have never been able to find any concrete examples. It's actually documented quite thoroughly: ...


I'm mostly speaking from mySQL experience, it's possible it does not relate 100% to mariadb. First of all, it's possible you did not restart your mySQL server. In which case you should try setting the variables manually, and letting the config take over after the next restart. It's also possible you have a case of nested configs. Try looking in the list of ...


Here's a working example that I just tested using 2.6.6 - I specified two parameters just to show how it is done for reference: storage: dbPath: "/data/db/test" systemLog: destination: file path: "/data/db/test/mongodb.log" processManagement: fork: true setParameter: enableLocalhostAuthBypass: 1 enableTestCommands: 1


The easiest way to register your listener at Oracle Grid Infrastructure is to run netca. If you want to configure the listener "LISTENER" you have to make sure that it does not exist in the listener.ora yet. One more thing: You should always configure your own host in the /etc/hosts file.


crsctl status resource -t clearly shows the cause of the problem, the listener is not registered in the clusterware. Undo all changes in listener.ora (or simply delete it), then: srvctl add listener srvctl start listener

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