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I recommend that you leave TDE on and restore the encryption key on the second sql server. Restore the backups and get everything working normally. If the restore succeeds and DBCC CHECKDB succeeds on both databases on the second server with no errors then on the second server disable TDE.


Well, right off I would verify with the person asking the question that they are referring to corrupted data and not database corruption, there is a difference. I would also determine who was interviewing me and base the answer on that (e.g. non-DBA would not care about the details, where a DBA Manager or something could require me to provide more details). ...


It looks like an on disk index corruption. If you can afford to have the table locked for a while you can solve it by running: REINDEX INDEX "myIndexName"; The command will rebuild the index getting rid of the error. If you cannot have the table locked for the time needed by the REINDEX command, you can concurrently create an additional index with the ...

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