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This online tool can convert from xls or xlsx to SQLite: http://converttosqlite.com/ Full Disclosure: I wrote it - hope it helps!


Try Agent Tokens instead, eg sqlcmd -S .\sql2012 -d master -E -W -w 999 -s "," -Q "SELECT D.* FROM sys.databases D" -o "c:\temp\sqlcmd$(ESCAPE_NONE(DATE)).csv" This worked for me. Just a reminder, bcp is a more appropriate tool for this kind of extract; you won't have the header and "row(s) affected" problems which you're not dealing with here.


thank you for your response. I will use the database to deduct traffic flow rate by knowing the vehicles which was at the same point (approximately) and at the same time. Then I intend to transpose these queried data on a maps to see, with a color scaling from red to green , the flow rate on the road (I didnt yet begin to search how to do that). knowing the ...

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