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As you correctly noted this is what happens when you try to display measures across a dimension to which they don't have a relation. You basically have 2 options Use IgnoreUnrelatedDimensions Use an MDX solution I would suggest you try the IgnoreUnRelatedDimensions first, as the measures would be aggregated better, and NonEmptyCrossJoins would be able ...


Add this calculated measure to the cube: Create Member CurrentCube.[Measures].[Max Current CP With Units] as IIf(Not IsEmpty([Measures].[Units]),[Measures].[Max Current CP],Null);


In SSMS if you open each role and find the Measures Dimension Data security section then go to the Advanced tab (if you have trouble finding it see this blog for screenshots from the same screens in SSDT-BI) do you see any role mentioning that problem measure? If that measure doesn't exist in the cube then remove it from the security role definition. If ...

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