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You've got lots of questions in here: Q: (The lack of foreign keys) confuses me a lot! It is a good practice (not mandatory) to have Fk's in the DWH for a variety of reasons (data integrity, relations visible for semantic layer, ....) A: Correct, it's normally a good practice to have foreign keys in a data warehouse. However, clustered columnstore indexes ...


I'd use the same dimension table. Especially for a date dimension This is a Role Playing Dimension also here I would not let a client tool (or an Oracle forum post!) determine my SQL Server DW design.


Batching large data sets into smaller data sets, e.g. 100,000 rows or 1,000,000 rows will make the load run better than One Big Insert. But the same is true from SSIS, of course, as it batches inserts. The difference in time that you show in your example is fairly small. That does not give much hope for great speed improvements, but it does encourage you ...

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