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Check if another process has claimed port 1434: netstat -ano | findstr 1434 This will give you the process id of the offending process, which you can then identify: tasklist | findstr /c:"<process id>"


As a database administrator, you are part of a team whose goal is to make a job easier, or just possible, for someone. The team includes system administrators, database administrators, database programmers, application programmers, network administrators, and so in. A valuable team member knows not only their own role but a little bit about every role in ...


But I read online that I have to stop and start the sql Server services inorder for this change to be effective. Is that True? Yes, you have to stop and restart sql server services. fill factor (%) This has is_dynamic = 0 in the master.sys.configurations. This means that when you run sp_configure 'fill factor (%)', 75, the VALUE will be set to ...


Yes, it is clearly stated here which options require a restart: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189631.aspx


The typical cause for this situation is a query that locks one or more tables and is stalled somehow (or just takes for ever). Other requests from separate sessions keep piling up and have to wait for the lock to be released - until you hit the connection maximum. Generally, connection pooling can prevent this situation from stalling your whole server. If a ...


CAST() might not be needed, try with and without it. SELECT student.StudentID ,student.NAME ,CONCAT ( cast(ROUND(Count(attendance.AttendanceID) * 100 / 6) AS CHAR(20)) ,'%' ) AS Total ,student.WorkshopID FROM student LEFT JOIN attendance ON student.StudentID = attendance.StudentID GROUP BY student.StudentID ...


It is a little bit silly, but after restarting the machine audit was enabled without any problem.

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