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I would suggest you to run a server side trace - for your entire business life cycle. There might be cases where some reports are ran end of month or end of quarter. So you will need below event in a server side trace 11,13,16,19,33,37,61,162 with these columns 1,6,8,10,11,12,14,27,35,40. You can filter out stuff that you dont need using sp_trace_setevent ...


I see you're combining Failover Cluster Instances (FCIs) and Database Availability Groups. That's fine, except that the installer won't allow you to set up an availability group on failover cluster instances that can be owned by the same servers, just like the error message says. In other words, the set of servers that can run HRITS\BAK can't overlap with ...


By index file, you mean you place indexes on a dedicated filegroup that maps to the file in question? Yes, it could indeed be smaller. Indexes can become fragmented over time (inserts and updates need to split pages when inserting into a range) causing free space on your pages over that defined by your fillfactor. If your fillfactor is say 80%, this is not ...


It is not particularly fair for you to ask a question that you don't know the answer to. However, the four key stages (in SQL Server and other database engines) are: Parsing (creates a parse tree) Binding (generates algebrized tree) Query Optimization (generates and selects good enough query plan based on "cost") Query Execution (by database engine) For ...


I have four(4) old posts to demonstrate how to measure and size up the InnoDB Buffer Pool based on the amount of RAM on the DB Server and how much space is currently being taken up by data/index pages: Apr 14, 2011 : What are the main differences between InnoDB and MyISAM? Oct 22, 2012 : How much memory do I need for innodb buffer pool? Oct 22, 1012 : How ...


Alter the name of the file so it ends in .bak or select 'all files' when browsing to the backup file.


The following code will restore the database to the desired location: RESTORE DATABASE x FROM DISK = 'Filepathofbackupfile.bak' WITH RECOVERY, MOVE 'logicalDatafilename' TO 'Newfilepath.mdf', MOVE 'logicalLogfilename' TO 'Newfilepath.ldf'

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