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Transaction log is the most important element in SQL Server. It is like a sequential journal that logs all the changes made to the database and contains enough information to undo / redo the changes in the event of crash recovery to keep the database in a consistent state. Highly recommend to read : Understanding Logging and Recovery in SQL Server All your ...


There is a difference between - Features not supported in NEXT version of sql server vs features not supported in a FUTURE version of sql server. Mirroring is still available in SQL Server 2012, 2014 and 2016. It has been put into the future deprecated list, but as of now, it is still available. AlwaysON (as it was with mirroring when it was first ...


SQL Server 2016 introduces Standard Edition support for AlwaysOn Availability Groups. It supports 2 nodes only, but as a replacement for mirroring that should be no problem.

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