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Although Mirroring is deprecated, it's almost textbook for what you want to do. Keep in mind though, if you want automatic failover, you'll need a witness server, as well as your two database servers.


As per this BOL reference, here are the only options you would have with Standard edition: Log Shipping Database Mirroring (sync/safety only) 2-node Failover Cluster Instance Because you don't want to use shared storage between different participants, that would automatically rule out the failover cluster instance, leaving you to choose between log ...


Database Mirroring is your option. The only other option is log shipping and I'd recommend Mirroring over log shipping any day of the week. Shared SMB isn't a good option as if one site goes offline you may no longer have access to your production data.


So I want to know can we perform mirroring with different SQL Server instances? Or we can only do it with instances on same server? Yes of course you can do it. Perhaps it is best idea or a suggested good practice to keep Principal mirror and witness on different servers. Of course Principal and mirror would be different servers.Have a look at article ...

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