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PostgreSQL comes to my mind. You have pgcrypto library for encrpyting data and there are drivers for .Net


Think about how what kind of queries and reports you want to run against your data. Lets say for example you want to know how many students were absent in the month of 2013-10. Here is how that would look with each table: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM TABLEA WHERE DATE BETWEEN TO_DATE('2013-10','YYYY-MM') AND TO_DATE('2013-11')-1/24/60/60 AND STATUS='X'; SELECT ...


I would suggest something different than you have here- a separate table to record the student_class relation: | student_id | class | date | ----------------------------------- | 2 | 7 | 2013-10-24 | This would have one record for a student where a class was attended. For each class and date for which there is no record, it can be ...

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