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The full keys to your data are more complex that you indicate. Sales tax rates can vary by jurisdiction and goods can be categories as luxury or exempt. Wage rates can vary by industry and public holiday / normal work day. Exchange rates have to be keys on the source and destination currencies. While your values may all be factional numbers they have ...


Solved: SELECT `conv`.`subject`, `mc`.`message_text`, `mc`.`sentDateTime`, `mc`.id AS "msgId", `conv`.id AS "convId" FROM (`crm_receivers_of_messages` rm) JOIN `crm_messages_of_conversions` mc ON `mc`.`id` = `rm`.`m_id` JOIN `crm_conversions` conv ON `conv`.`id` = `mc`.`conv_id` WHERE `rm`.`receiver_id` = '1' AND mc.id = (SELECT MAX(id) FROM ...

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