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This can be done with DDL alone but it's not at all trivial. The following will ensure that any test will either have 0 or 5 test cases: create table test ( test_id integer not null, constraint pk_test primary key (test_id) ) ; create table test_case ( test_id integer not null, case_no smallint not null, ...


I think that you don't need table "Ranking". Instead create a function that calculate ranking over different fields.


I would separate the bets from the results so there is redundancy but your querying on results is much easier - all the data is there, and you can incorporate smarts and filters: Table Bets (populated by the users via client app) - objectId (String, managed by Parse) - gameId (Pointer<Games>) - userId (Pointer<User>) - bet ...


To answer your questions: Year number is part of a (three column) composite primary key. There will be one record per employee + year + type of leave (vacation/sick/...) Year number probably means the calendar year stored as an integer. der_leave_cumulative_days_taken means the total of leave actually taken, which would be derived by summing the days ...

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