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Presumably your new column has values which are a certain datetime relative to 1-Jan-1900, or some other date. ...in which case, you could rename your column, and create a calculated column with your original column name, which is the number of second (or minutes or whatever granularity you want), so that you can SUM that instead. Example: SELECT ...


Dates in Clarion TPS files are stored as a Clarion Long, which is an integer. They are defined as the # of days elapsed since December 28, 1800. The valid Clarion Standard Date range is January 1, 1801 through December 31, 9999 February 27, 2015 - the date Nimoy died - is Clarion date 78,223. A Clarion String is a CHAR. A Clarion Cstring is a VARCHAR - ...


cascadus2 isn't a number. But you can strip out everything that isn't a number then convert that to a number. select regexp_replace('cascadus2', '[^\d]+', '')::numeric result: numeric ------- 2


This worked for me.... SELECT CAST('23:59:59.999' AS TIME) Result :23:59:59.9990000 CONVERT(DATE,'2015-02-06',120)+ CAST('23:59:59.999' AS TIME)

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