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You can use the system catalog views. Generally speaking any view SYSCAT.xxxxxAUTH will show the authorizations for that particular area. Examples include SYSCAT.DBAUTH is authorizations at the database level. SYSCAT.ROLEAUTH is authorizations to roles. SYSCAT.INDEXAUTH is authorizations for indexes, etc.


Under 9.7, whichever ID creates the database is automatically granted DBADM WITH DATAACCESS WITH ACCESSCTRL and SECADM. So you should be able to log in to the databases with that ID to perform the grants you need. If this came from another environment, you may have to create the ID locally in order to get into the database. Only an ID with SECADM can grant ...


It is possible do this in SQL. There are really 2 problems here: Find 1 record per week for each database Calculate the average rate of consumption For the first problem, you have a couple of ways to do this: select databasename, logrecordnumber, logtimestamp from MyTable where logtimestamp > current timestamp - 42 days and ...


You won't get any specific answer to this question, because as you observed, it depends. The answer depends on your company's tolerance for having one DB2 instance adversely impact the performance of another's. You may be able to control or limit this impact if your AIX admins are willing to learn and set up WLM policies at the operating system level (not ...

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