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Determine the largest current ID value: select max(TIMESHEET_ID) from PROJECTMGMT.TIMESHEET then reset the identity value: alter table PROJECTMGMT.TIMESHEET alter column TIMESHEET_ID restart with <whatever the max value is + 1>


I believe you can do so through IBM Data Studio. I would use that tool anyway as that is now the approved IBM tool for interacting with DB2 and Control Center is deprecated.


I agree with what others have said, it is most likely a problem with the statement terminator. Try adding: --#SET TERMINATOR @ CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER B_TRIGGER [...] @ --#SET TERMINATOR ; You might also consider using for example @ as your statement terminator globally. Another "undocumented" feature is to quote the ; in the trigger using to ending ...


REGEXP_LIKE is now available in DB2 for iSeries - see: http://www.itjungle.com/fhg/fhg051915-story01.html


It appears to be a bug in the way Squirrel handles additional parameters. Data Studio acts as expected with both db2jcc and db2jcc4 drivers. I have filed a bug to: https://sourceforge.net/p/squirrel-sql/bugs/1201/

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