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If Your application can get data from more than one database You can use cascading replication for load balancing(One App get data from multiple bases) but only in case when it's synchronous replication(in case of cascading rep. it's heavy). In case of M1 fail You can do Python script that will place S1 as master(including updating port, config, and ...


Yes, you can choose instance to apply service pack. Instance components along with shared components between side by side instances will be upgraded to higher service pack. Sql server has two types of component\features. 1. Instance specific features 2. Shared Features When you upgrade one component with a given instance name to a new version or ...


Yes, but you have to understand that there are certain shared components. See Work with Multiple Versions and Instances of SQL Server.


There are no architecture differences in RMAN itself. The difference is in the speed of the backups if written to the Exadata on-board storage. So the advantages that Exadata brings in terms of hardware would also translate to advantages in backup speed and MTR (mean time to recovery). But none of those advantages are the result of changes to RMAN.

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