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Yes, it looks like you're using Ola Hallengren's backup scripts which operate in hours, so 14 days * 24 hours = 336 hours. Every time this is run, a full backup of the user databases will be taken and any copies older than 2 weeks will be deleted. Edit: Based on the OP's edit, you are fine to schedule a job executing your first script as a replacement ...


Check your mongos, mongod and config servers NTP settings. The clocks on every member of the cluster must return the same datetime. Use the "date" command on linux to verify it.


You need to have at least the role of clusterManager to perform this action in 2.6 . If you are a dbadmin you can grantRole clusterManager to current user following this tutorial http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/tutorial/assign-role-to-user/

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