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Simple answer: You are following correct path. You can create your own maintenance plan from MP wizard its easy and works fine. You don't need to use complex Ola Script.


Use the -e flag when you start psql. For example: psql -e mydatabase Or, in case of using a script, try the -a flag. Details in the manual.


While the maintenance plans aren't the most flexable things in the world, for someone who is only managing just a couple of servers, maintenance plans are perfect for you. The code you show in your question will enable the SQL Agent, then you can configure and schedule your maintenance plans. You'll also need to go into the "SQL Server Configuration ...


You can use Ola Hallengren's - SQL Server Maintenance Solution This is much flexible than maintenance plans. We have 300+ servers and we are using it for all our backups. It just works flawless. To get you started : Automate and Improve Your Database Maintenance Using Ola Hallengren's Free Script

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