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I would answer your specific question I thought of using backup compression but later came to know it can be used only between same Sql server Editions. Is it TRUE ? NO this is not true. From BOL document about Compression Every edition of SQL Server 2008 and later can restore a compressed backup. You can take backup with compression on any ...


You will need at least the same amount of space on your new server. If you are restoring it from disk you will also need the space for the backup files in addition to the restored files. The other thing you can check is to see how much free space is available in the physical files. If there is significant free space and you don't anticipate needing that ...


The important part of the error log shows your instance is not able to open() the ibdata1 file (for reading and writing). First to check in such situation are user rights. In Windows another possibility is the read-only file attribute which can block writes too.

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