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I know this question is rather old, but I had a similar situation during a migration so I had to comment. What you could do is setup the new 2012 database as an empty shell on your new box. Ensure you have all of your filegroups setup as you would like (striped across several disks and allocated to same sizes). Then script all your schema objects from the ...


trace flag 2505 can be used. Wrote a blog post with experiment http://sqlserver-help.com/2014/12/09/help-how-to-suppress-dbcc-traceonoff-messages-in-the-error-log


https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/2a00c314-f35e-4900-babb-f42dcde1944b/dbcc-shrinkfile-page-411283400-could-not-be-moved-because-it-is-a-work-table-page?forum=sqldatabaseengine As proposed by Mike in the msdn forum , work tables are mostly associated with plan cache. Clearing them would remove the work table as well and then you may shrink ...


If you restore a database as a new database, the dbi_crdate field is the restore date/time. Here's how to reproduce it: Create a new database. Run DBCC CHECKDB() on it. Look at DBCC DBINFO() for the creation date and DBCC dates. Back up the database. Delete the database. Restore the database (if you want to get fancy, use a different database name.) Look ...

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