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No, it is not possible to modify only a part of a package. You have to replace the whole package or package body. If you don't have the current version of your code you can extract it from the database if you have the appropriate permissions. 1) You can read it from the ALL_SOURCE view. Many graphical client tools. sqldeveloper or similar client tools can ...


Don't. Keep all your package sources in a source control system. That way you can go back to a previous version if you need to.


If anyone wants to increase the column width of the replicated table in SQL Server 2008, then no need to change the property of replicate_ddl=1. Simply follow the steps as given. Open SSMS Connect to Publisher database run command ALTER TABLE [Table_Name] ALTER COLUMN [Column_Name] varchar(22) It will increase the column width from varchar(x) to ...

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