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I'm answering my own question here because we finally figured out the problem. Short Version: We added a third column to the nonclustered index. Deadlocks disappeared. Long Version: First, check out James Rowland-Jones' dynamite blog post about lock hashing collision (My explanation will be nowhere close to the quality of his). From the blog post: ...


I am not sure whether this could actually be answer but I cannot post this as comment so putting this If you see your application code its like @P1 nvarchar(4000) ,@P2 nvarchar(4000), @P3 datetime2, @P4 nvarchar(4000), @P5 nvarchar(4000), @P6 decimal(38,1), @P7 int, @P8 int) INSERT INTO OBC.MBL_CPU_POS_MSR_ATB ( CRT_S, CRT_PGM_C, CRT_UID, LST_UPD_S, ...

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