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Starting with SQL Server 2016 you can track this using Query Store. sys.query_store_runtime_stats highlights the canceled query stats explicitly as execution_type 'Aborted'.


You'd have to be polling sys.dm_exec_requests rather frequently, or using trace / extended events to target queries that ended with abort. With the disclaimer that I work for SQL Sentry, Performance Advisor - among many other things - tracks all aborted queries for you, as long as they exceed the Top SQL threshold (5 seconds by default, but that is ...


Sadly, sys.dm_hadr_availability_replica states is not a reliable indicator of replica health. Here's the Connect item on one of the bugs we've run into where that DMV stops refreshing - note in the comments that log_send_queue_size in the DMV sys.dm_hadr_database_replica_states shows 0 even when there's log data to be sent. Note that the Connect item is ...


By using this DMV, you can returns metrics for stored procedures, but it does not directly identify the stored procedure by name. Instead, the DMV only identifies the object_id, and a database_id for each stored procedure: Therefore to identify the actual stored procedure name, that the performance figures belong to, you should either join the ...

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