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There is no inconsistency: 1048576 * 8 = 8388608 KB => 8 GB; Both Perfmon and sys.dm_os_sys_info show 8 GB; [bpool_visible], [bpool_commit_target] and [bpool_committed] - in SQL 2005 all these are defined as "Number of 8-KB buffers ..." (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms175048(v=sql.90).aspx), so you have to multiply the result by 8 to get ...


From taking a quick look, it's quite possible that you're actually looking at indexes on different databases. Alternatively, you could have a partitioned table as the docs state that sys.dm_db_partition_stats: Returns page and row-count information for every partition in the current database. Take it back to basics, don't use DB_ID() and actually ...

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