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Consider enforcing this combination of columns as a unique constraint at the database level. That won't be possible until the existing duplicates are cleaned out. But it will help prevent this problem from creeping back into the data. You should define the 4 columns as a non-unique index now since this process will involving lots of comparisons using them. ...


You could perform the pg_dump with the parameters --no-owner and --no-acl, so no permissions or links to any users are presents in the dump.


Duplicate Database It is separate database contains all or subset of the data of Source Database. Its purpose varies like: Test backup/recovery procedure Test upgrade of new release Test effect of DB performance Generate reports Export data table and import in production environment if inadvertently dropped Snapshot Replication Here data is replicated ...


You are doing a cartesian product here: ... FROM dbo.[DataSource], @ids i you need to know which address_id corresponds to which user, and for that you must have a clause. Something like this will do it: INSERT INTO dbo.[Users] ( first_name, surname , address_id ) SELECT first_name, surname, ...

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