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Not sure why the question popped up now, but if you are still interested in an answer something like: select g1.* from games g1 where exists ( select 1 from games g2 where g1.gameid <> g2.gameid and least(g1.hometeam,g1.awayteam) = least(g2.hometeam,g2.awayteam) and greatest(g1.hometeam,g1.awayteam) = ...


Assuming your desired uniqueness constraint is (one,two), here is one way to do it: DELETE FROM session.test WHERE (one, two) IN ( SELECT one, two FROM session.test GROUP BY one, two HAVING COUNT(*) > 1 )


You didn't show your command to start rman, but it appears that you have not connected to both the target and the auxiliary. You will need something like this: rman TARGET sys/password@source AUXILIARY sys/password@destination I don't think it matters, but you also don't need to have the duplicate command in a run block. If you haven't already, you may ...


the error messages you got because you don't have privileges to log in to the server so you need to grant the user the necessary access. some tips to solve this issue: 1) Mount the remote disk locally (map network drive). 2) Use rman CATALOG command to make the backups available. 3) user has enough privileges on ORACLE level

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