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Even if you configured RBS to use FILESTREAM, TDE does not apply to FILESTREAM: Transparent Data Encryption and FILESTREAM DATA FILESTREAM data is not encrypted even when TDE is enabled.


The files are stored in a blob in the sharepoint database and as TDE encrypts all the pages in the database all the files will be encrypted there within. It's important to notice that while the database is mounted on the server the database server will serve the files unencrypted to the Sharepoint application server and it's clients. The Sharepoint ...


Well we have quite a mixed servers,using encryption, depending upon the need of business. For very critical we decided to upgrade to enterprise as it not only provides TDE but other benefits as well when it comes to performance or troubleshooting. Yes, TDE is quite effective and very good, but since it comes with a cost we decided for medium and low ...

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