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According to database normalization technique create a separate for city, state and country. However if you're having only few records in company address table and there is no other tables are need address info, I think there is no point creating multiple tables.


There really is not a One True Answer, but there are plenty of samples available on the web. One site is: http://www.databaseanswers.org/data_models/ This is actually a site with many simple data models. I would not call these a complete solution, but it is a good resource for getting started. For a CD Collection there is a sample model, that focuses on ...


It is quite common to copy the data as it stands at the point in time that a transaction occurred - in your case the Settings when a FoodMaker made something. This happens with financial systems a lot for audit and reporting purposes. Yes, it is duplication, but in a known and controlled way for a purpose. The alternative is to add time range columns to ...

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