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The main strengths of SSIS as I see it are 1) the ability to do things across servers which aren't otherwise linked (eg via linked servers) and 2) the ability to do things in parallel (eg multiple Execute SQL tasks operating concurrently). If you are using traditional SQL then you probably don't need 1), but you might need 2). Your ETL must be running in ...


Although it's all opinion I strongly favour using pull techniques for the following reasons: I think it's easier to keep track of the dependencies by using a purely pull-approach. In a way it's similar to the whole concept of queries on tables or queries on views on tables. It's all "pull", not "push". Most DBMSes have better control of transactions etc in ...


I fixed this issue by changing the connection name of both source and destination in Package itself and I tried to run the job manually by clicking Start Job at Step and it worked fine :)


From BOL If a package that is not configured to support transactions includes a Sequence container that uses the Required option, the Sequence container would start its own transaction. If the package were configured to use the Required option, the Sequence container would join the package transaction. If I have a sequence container and it is marked ...

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