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I can reproduce the plan that you describe on SQL Server 2012 (on prem) by running the DDL in your question and then fiddling the stats so SQL Server thinks that the table is much larger than reality. UPDATE STATISTICS [dbo].[JobItems] WITH ROWCOUNT = 10000000, pagecount = 10000000 And then running the query with OPTION (MAXDOP 1, CONCAT UNION, ORDER ...


Which option from above will perform better? Best case, both will produce exactly the same execution plan, with the same runtime performance. This can require some careful design and some fairly advanced skills, as Rob Farley mentions in his answer. Rob also has a blog post describing the core issue, and it is also discussed in one of his chapters from ...


I show some important things about views in my talk at http://bit.ly/Simplification - the key thing would be to make sure that you're not doing needless joins, that they get optimised out when you don't need those columns. My talk generally covers the idea of modularisation for an interface for developers, so it's probably quite useful.

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