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If you are using a SQL editor like Toad, this script may help as well. You can copy/paste the results in a new window. SELECT DISTINCT 'GRANT Select ON TABLE ' || rtrim (tabschema) || '.' || rtrim (tabname) || ' TO USER USERNAME;' FROM syscat.tables WHERE tabschema = 'Schema' UNION SELECT 'GRANT Select ON VIEW ' || rtrim ...


Try to flashback your table ALTER TABLE your_table ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT; FLASHBACK TABLE your_table TO TIMESTAMP (SYSTIMESTAMP - INTERVAL '1' minute);


You could use Flashback to return the table data back to its original state. Is Flashback enabled? Database needs to be in archive mode: select log_mode from v$database; Should return "ARCHIVEMODE" Check if flashback is enabled: select flashback_on from v$database; Should return "YES" If "NO", you can enable flashback by runing: alter database ...


The constraints are kept for the renamed table. Drop them before you import the tables with the correct data. alter table t1 drop constraint c; There is also another way to do it if you do not want to lose the wrong data. You can create a new table based on the 2 tables: create table t1 as select * from t; Then you must disable the constraints and ...


The last_number column in all_sequences was different in both the databases (11g and 12c) ideally it should be the same. What I did was I incremented the sequnce number of 12c database higher than the sequence number as that of 11g database. And the error did not show up. All is well.!


You wrote 12c db has the exact data of 11g (expdp/impdp) But are you sure? 1) Did you make a consistent export of your tables? This means all table data is from the same point in time. For this it is sufficient that you stop all other write activity on the database during export. Or you set the flashback_scn parameter when using expdp or the ...


It would be time saving if you just backup the tables being errored in ORA-1555 after the warning full backups. Yes, to answer main question, it is good backup to be imported, you can exclude the errored tables or use table_exists_action=replace using tables only backup after taking the tables backup in above para. Scenario warning = if the errored ...


Technically, you could, but it is incomplete, so better repeat the export after performing the necessary actions to avoid ORA-01555 errors (have an appropriately sized undo tablespace, set undo_retention and retention guarantee).

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