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Perhaps the log is on is a network share that is only visible to the SQL Server service account? If this were the case you could log onto the server using that same service account used by SQL Server, and "see" the drive in Windows Explorer. SQL Server will refuse to load a database if it cannot locate a valid log file. It will NOT simply create the log ...


If you go to server properties, in the database settings, you will find the default database data, log and backup locations :


I am not a SAN admin, but I have a very nice one in my team that takes the time to do his job proprely, and share his knowledge with us when we ask. The way our SAN is configured makes it so there is a very large amount of cache between the SQL servers and the physical disks. In this situation, having multiple filegroups, or even splitting the DATA and LOG ...


This can be done if you have clustered indexes (either as the primary key constraint or on their own) on the tables that you wish to move. So restore the database, add the new filegroup and then... For primary keys:- ALTER TABLE [SCHEMA].[TABLE NAME] DROP CONSTRAINT [CONSTRAINT NAME] ALTER TABLE [SCHEMA].[TABLE NAME] ADD PRIMARY KEY CLUSTERED ( ...

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