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Maybe you think you are rebuilding but the index doesn't get rebuilt because the index isn't large enough. Have a look at this question Why index REBUILD does not reduce index fragmentatation? Did you check the fragmentation after rebuild? Is it actually defragmented.


Hard for us to know if it will be a net positive. These are pretty much no-brainers: setting all operations to ONLINE, because you can ignoring tables with < 1000 pages You should still test those, though. But we have no idea what impact defrag/rebuild has on your read workload, and whether holding off until some % is better, gains you nothing, or ...


I assume that the database is highly transactional, to require rebuilds; and being international, accessed all the time... so IN MY OPINION leave everything as it stands, and change to ONLINE rebuilds. Everything all the time - is wasteful; but not a train-smash. Ease into the task a check for fragmentation - setting it SLIGHTLY less aggressively - 10% ...

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