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This is documented although I couldn't find a reference in Books Online: The rules for characters followed by nonalphanumeric characters are somewhat convoluted (at least in English). The English word breaker accepts the token C# and returns C#. The lowercase token c#, however, is indexed as c with the # character stripped off. The uppercase token ...


SELECT * FROM stickers WHERE keywords @@ to_tsquery('case & 580:*') will work. Postgres text search allows for prefix searching, which is represented by the :* in the query. It will match any token starting with 580


No you don't need separate indexes. Use the weights feature. They are just a label your can query against. You can have up to four labels to query against (A-D). --search any "field" for quick: select 'quick:1A brown:2B quick:3C'::tsvector @@ 'quick'::tsquery; --true --search B "field" for quick: select 'quick:1A brown:2B quick:3C'::tsvector @@ ...

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