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Postgres Text Search supports prefix search select 'housewarming'::tsvector @@ 'hou:*'::tsquery; --true I looked at amazon's search, and guess what? ta doesn't return entertainment


There are Postgres extensions to handle Chinese. Have you tried http://pgxn.org/dist/zhparser/? You can then maybe port it to Vietnamese.


USER_INDEXES (and ALL_INDEXES) contains this information: select index_name, table_name, index_type from user_indexes where ityp_owner = 'CTXSYS' and ityp_name = 'CONTEXT'


A FULLTEXT index is very efficient for small resultsets in a huge table. Using levenshtein involves checking each row. So, I agree with your approach to do FT as a first step. I would suggest Remove short words, etc, from the string. (not necessary for MyISAM since it ignores them; necessary for InnoDB, else it returns nothing) IN BOOLEAN MODE but ...

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