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Wrap you expression in a CASE statement: SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE CASE $1 WHEN '*' THEN TRUE ELSE some_tsvector_column @@ $1::tsquery END; This way you can pass '*' to disable the filter or any other valid tsquery string to actually filter.


with some MySQL FullText restrictions it possible. You need change settings for FullText Index in my.cnf/my.ini file innodb_ft_min_token-size=2 ft_min_word_len=2 ft_stopword_file = "" Create FullText index on Table - company_name1, column - Company1_name Add identity column for table company_name, in our case - also named id Unfortunately, MATCH() ...


Reading the manual it does not seem to be anything bad. MySQL just informs you about an additional action it had to do. InnoDB uses a unique document identifier referred to as a Document ID (DOC_ID) to map words in the full-text index to document records where the word appears. The mapping requires an FTS_DOC_ID column on the indexed table. If ...

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