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I found out what the problem is, it seems that GoldenGate doesn't work with SQL Express. The server I was connecting to is SQL Express, I'll need to use the Enterprise Edition.


From your question, it doesn't sound like you need true transactional semantics, and that asynchronous replication would be fine. If that's the case, it's fairly trivial to build a replication system using triggers within Oracle to track data changes, and then replaying those changes into MySQL, using something like perl (or other scripting languages) as ...


Keep in mind most of the work I do is with PostgreSQL so this may or may not be 100% on the money but I think this should be close enough to be helpful. The basic issue is that in an environment like this you are going to have a great deal of trouble managing the locks. It seems you can either do some sort of conflict resolution or conflict prevention on ...


This sounds like a situation where Oracle Change Data Capture would be appropriate. You would need to write some code that would subscribe to changes to this table and process them by pushing the changes to your SAP BW system. You can also use Oracle Streams to do heterogeneous replication from Oracle to a non-Oracle database using an Oracle Transparent ...

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