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Yes, if you are using Peer2Peer replication between the primary and secondary servers which is an enterprise only feature I would personally use Mirroring/AlwaysOn for redundancy between primary and secondary sites as this includes ways to failover without changing the DNS records. Either by adding ';Failover Partner=PartnerServerName;' to the connection ...


A Galera node's memory usage is very similar to a normal MySQL/MariaDB standalone server. If 128GB is enough for a standalone server to handle your workload, it will be ok for a Galera node too. Of course you can also have server with different characteristics. In which case, you will also need a load balancer that will take into account the servers ...


There is a difference between - Features not supported in NEXT version of sql server vs features not supported in a FUTURE version of sql server. Mirroring is still available in SQL Server 2012, 2014 and 2016. It has been put into the future deprecated list, but as of now, it is still available. AlwaysON (as it was with mirroring when it was first ...


SQL Server 2016 introduces Standard Edition support for AlwaysOn Availability Groups. It supports 2 nodes only, but as a replacement for mirroring that should be no problem.

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