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The tutorial on that link is not complete. You should type apt-get install bdr-9.4 instead of apt-get install postgresql-bdr-9.4 After that everything is working fine.. I also lose some time to figure that out..


Solutions that provide HA will serve you well - both a failover cluster instance or AOAG. Technet articles are great to help you with this and understand it deeper. For instance, if you use a FCI (SQL Server failover cluster instance), while installing you provide a network name which identifies the instance. Your SSRS only needs to know this ...


I believe that a truly passive server in an active/passive arrangement does not need its own licensing, but I recommend asking an official licensing representative, especially if you already have SQL Server licenses as you might have purchased them under specific conditions, as that is the only way to be properly sure. does one need to have a fail-over ...


As long as your 2nd server is solely used as a standby and you do not use it for reporting or any other querying then a single license will cover you for that 2nd machine. Any usage beyond this would require a 2nd license. The secondary server used for failover support does not need to be separately licensed for SQL Server as long as it is truly ...

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