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The problem lies in enabling the slaves on your SQL Node 2 in each datacenter. MySQL Cluster does support Multi-master replication as seen in the first diagram on the documentation page. Notice how only one SQL node in each cluster participate in the circular replication topology. And the duplicate issue is referenced in the quote from this page on setting ...


My current setup is actually 4 machines: On all 4 I run the management node. On the first nodes (1,2) I run web apps + management node On the other nodes (3,4) data/management/and sql nodes. Web servers connect via load balanced ip on the sql nodes so they always see one active. Works for me.


Database mirroring is the fastest HA method for SQL Server - you can expect as little as 10 seconds (maybe less) downtime when manually failing over. Perhaps 40 seconds when an automatic failover occurs. Automatic failovers take longer since they rely on the "timeout mechanism" to detect a problem. Manual failovers are very quick since you are initiating ...

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