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I was able to import the file successfully using the import & export wizard by changing the column widths for; name, wikipedia_link and keywords to 255


Depending on the tool and parameters used to create the .sql dump file of multiple databases, the file will normally have CREATE DATABASE DBn...; and USE DBn; statements that will allow your import to proceed without hiccups. For example, both the mysqldump command mysqldump command and phpMyAdmin's Export function for multiple database insert them. ...


If you have a foreign key constraint from the data table that points to any of these 20 tables you will not be able to bulk delete from them. Obviously the application will not receive any results if it tries to read any of the lookup tables after the deletion and before the insertion of the new values. Will the application crash if this happens? Deleting ...


Assuming that the script contains only INSERTs, UPDATEs and DELETEs to the target table(s), and that the app never attempts row locks (SELECT ... FOR UPDATE/SHARE) or DML on those tables, then the script shouldn't affect the app except for the increased load on the DB server. When the script commits, the changes will instantly become visible to new ...


You can specify your queries per table with the QUERY parameter with Data Pump export. For example: QUERY=employees:"WHERE department_id > 10 AND salary > 10000" With the above, only those rows are exported from the employees table, that have department_id > 10 AND salary > 10000. More information in the official documentation: ...


mysqldump, or .sql files, which is what that module uses is probably the least efficient way to import a database (the only less efficient way I can think of is to import and commit each row at once). If you want to speedup the import process, you should change the method. There are several things that you can do in the MySQL configuration that will speed ...


There is only one REMAP_TABLESPACE parameter in de command. It would be seperated with ",". REMAP_TABLESPACE=OLD_SCHEMA_DAT:NEW_SCHEMA_DAT,OLD_SCHEMA_IDX:NEW_SCHEMA_IDX Oracle doc impdp 11.2 http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/server.112/e22490/dp_import.htm#SUTIL929

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