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If you use DataPump impdp and expdp commands, you can include the parameter metrics=yes in the impdp command parameter file. The log file will then time-stamp each phase.


A .bacpac file = Schema + Data. Note that Data is BCP'ed out using Native format (not readable by Human). You can rename the .bacpac to .zip to see the actual contents. You can use ...DAC\bin\sqlpackage.exe commandline to extract the .bacpac contents programatically. It is a snapshot that includes User data + Schema from SQL Server or Azure SQL ...


Community Wiki answer generated from an edit to the question by its author, Ryan I also don't know if this is an option for everybody, but since the problem stems from exporting from a Windows machine to a Mac then opening it in Excel for Mac, the problem seems to go away if I just use OpenOffice instead.


I just came cross the same problem, and I found a easy way to solve it. When you use mysqldump just add --hex-blob, this solve my problem.


The answer appears to be yes. Set members are accepted if they are separated by comma, however there should be no space between the comma and the next set element. Since commas are used to separate set members, columns must be separated by a different character. I have used tabs, and this works well. Performance is greatly improved (roughly by a factor of ...


This import file is an export done with a tool such as exp73, exp or expdp. The manner of importing data you are referring to when you have data in an excel sheet with coma separated value, SQL developer will create a large insert statement with the data for you and run it, which will populate a table. What you want to do is to use oracle import tools such ...

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