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Looks like your oracle directory doesn't exists. You will need to log into the database, create a directory, and retry your import export ORACLE_HOME=/path/to/oracle/home export ORACLE_SID=YOUR_SID sqlplus / as sysdba create directory DUMPS as '/path/to/your/dump/files'; exit; And retry your import. Pending on the user you are using to do the import, ...


These are a couple of options to deal with this: Create the table with an auto_incremental id; or Delete the offending rows from the file prior to loading it (e.g. grep -v '^\( *,\)* *$' file > newfile)


load data local infile 'C:\\temp\\abc.csv' into table table_name fields terminated by ',' ignore 1 lines (@col1,@col2,@col3,@col4) set table.column_name = @col1, table.column_name = @col2, table.column_name = @col3, table.column_name = @col4; (@col1,.....) extend the number of columns to your actual number of columns in csv file. and relate these column ...


You can store the data in Excel as the amount of time from the default date. If you just enter the time in the format you wish, it will automatically add the default date. Enter "4:30:00" as in [FinishTime] and it will save the data like in [Unformated Date], but will be visible format you wish and retain the proper time value. When you create the table ...

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