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Perhaps you can try server_uuid Other have addressed using it Beware of MySQL 5.6 server UUID when cloning slaves Resolving Error: master and slave have equal MySQL server UUIDs Some may resort to copying the auto.cnf to another server, which would then have the same generated server_uuid. You would have to code something that would scan a network on ...


I just pressed left and then enter. It worked for me. This is the fix that helped me but I believe it should be fixed permanently.

0 Patch set for Standard Edition its available since Sept 1, 2015 . It's labeled as Oracle Database Standard Edition 2, and it's deployed as a different download installer. More info:


I got it working. This is how I got it working... I used a CD. I don't know why it worked. I didn't even have to use a key, and it was the same version I downloaded multiple times from the Microsoft website...

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