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I had the same problem and I found the missing dll in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 folder. Just copy it to System32 and was fixed. If you still have the @MikeW error with python.exe is because you have a 32bits version of one and the 64bits of the other (Python and Workbench).


For all people which have the same problem, I solved it this way: I installed a completely new "SQL Server 2012 R2 SP2" instance (with fulltext-search), transferred my databases to the new instance and uninstalled the old one.


SQL Server Express LocalDB (commonly referred to as just "LocalDB") is not a service-based application: it does not show up in "Services", nor does it start up when the machine starts or even stay running until manually shut-down. LocalDB is user-mode background process. It starts either when the first request to connect comes in (assuming the request is ...


Have you checked if any previous versions of SQL are installed ? If so, delete them first, and the related components and try again running as an administrator


Disabling AVG anti-virus software before starting the install setup allowed me to avoid this problem.

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