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I had the same error and all I did was run the SQL Server repair functionality and it got fixed right away. I didn't even have to restart.


The same issue I have just came across on CentOS 7. The installer form is disabled and does not allow any input. But clearly it is waiting for some input. In my case it is a GUI glitch. I was not able to find and resize any dialog. However, pressing Enter was enough to return focus to the main window. Though I can't really say what I confirmed or cancelled. :...


Looks like I found an answer to my own question on digging further. While Microsoft R standalone Server addresses the in-memory limitations of open source R by adding parallel and chunked processing of data, Microsoft R Client is in-memory bound; i.e. it can only process datasets that fit into the available local memory. However, it can operate on large ...


Another solution: The .oui file is available in the part2of2/install directory. Just copy that file and paste it in part1of2/install and run the ./runInstaller. It worked for me.


Add port listener 1521 in firewall: Inbound Rules and Outbound Rules. Add permissions in ORACLE_HOME in regedit: cmd → regedit → HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → ORACLE


When killing the first and second process, you can determine which processes are first by the process ID (PID) in task manager. The PID column is not shown by default, you need to add it to your view in the Processes tab. Lower is older, higher is newer.


This occurred upon a failed installation. My resolution was using a USB Drive and creating the path where the temp install was (****main_t.obj.x86Release\sql\mkmastr\databases\mkmastr.proj). (Or if you have that drive already, use it.) You may have to use Disk Manager to change drive letters. You can copy system files, tempdb.mdf etc. from the installation ...


The issue in my case was that a DLL file was missing that prevented "oramtsctl.exe" from running. I found when I attempted to run the oramsctl.exe manually from its installation folder. The missing DLL file was in the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages, which I installed to solve the issue.

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