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Well, it is somewhat possible to have an Instance GUID, but only if you are including [msdb] in your backup / restore process. Assuming that this is indeed the case, then just check the service_broker_guid field in sys.databases for the [msdb] database: SELECT [service_broker_guid] FROM sys.databases WHERE [name] = N'msdb'; It will be different across ...


I have had this happen it looses a trust relationship with the domain. One of my solutions is to open up a command window and type in ipconfig /registerdns wait 15 minutes and try again.


You have a few options on how you could handle this... Create a Scheduled Task on that server that contains a PowerShell script. The first part of that script contains a workflow that would iterate over each instance and call the backup job on each instance. Use a foreach -parallel would allow all the jobs to start at one time. You would then need to ...


You can simply specify the server name and port number of the instance. To make this reliable, you need to ensure the instance has a static port specified in SQL Server Configuration Manager instead of using a dynamic port. Once you know the port number, you can connect by specifying the "server name" like: servername,00000 or tcp:servername,00000 ...

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