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Based on the replies you gave to my comments you must figure out how to resolve the duplicate keys issue. Also I do not think that master-slave replication is appropriate in this case. I would, after making sure that there are no duplicate keys, use pg_dump to transfer your data into AmazonRDS one by one. Perform checks after every database that you do. If ...


Your connection string also needs to contain the username and password: jdbc:oracle:thin:hr/oracle@localhost:1521:orcl12c That should work OK.


By relying on ResultSet's ability to load limited data in memory we are able to come up with a solution in Java using Dynamic Comparator. Solution is to take first record from each resultSet and sort it in java and return first element from sorted data. Detailed Solution: First we built a program which can give us a dymanic Comparator based on the criteria ...


It sounds like your architecture has gone past partitioning and is sharded. If you have system software or an application framework in place which can handle sharding that is where this requirement should be implemented. In order to get the correct sort sequence you will have to have the results from all involved shards in the same place at the same time. ...

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