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Each element of a name must be quoted individually: drop java source "SCHEMA"."JAVASOURCENAME"; The identifier "SCHEMA.JAVASOURCENAME" refers to a java source name SCHEMA.JAVASOURCENAME in the current schema, e.g. "VORIAND"."SCHEMA.JAVASOURCENAME"


Have you tested or would it be possible to drop indexes on the destination DB table(s) where you are inserting into, insert those into smaller batched chunks (optimal as indicated above), and then rebuild the indexes on the destination table(s) once all inserts are complete? May be something easy enough to test to confirm.


select 1 from dual where regexp_like('%.,"''?!:#$&)(*;+-/<>=@[]\^_{}|~', '%\.,"''\?!:#\$&\)\(\*;\+-/<>=@\[\]\\\^_\{\}\|~'); This gives, as expeced, 1. You must escape .?$)(*+[]\^{} and | You do not need to escape , (but it works nonetheless): select 1 from dual where ...


Consider batching your commits. A batch size of 1024 is a good starting size. Change batch sizes until you reach your optimum throughput.


I try to make an hypothesis about the second question: Given the commit happens before the select (commit is at 14:16:06 and select is at 14:16:07) how is it that the select does not return the row inserted by the transaction? Transactions are managed by Spring. So it would be possible that before running the select spring has raised a start ...

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