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The Instant Client is easier to install and more lightweight. It doesn't even need to be installed, you can just unzip it and use it. You don't need an Oracle Home either. On the other hand, it does not support deprecated features like Oracle Names. If you don't need any feature the instant client omits, I suggest you use it. It looks like you are covered ...


Use JPA and make sure you avoid any DB secific SQL wherever possible. This does not provide 100% compatibility accross all DB types, but gets you close. Depending on your needs you are left with some lines of DB specific code. After all you have to do integration testing against all supported DBs to make sure your application really works.


In WebLogic console, if you are selected XA Driver then it need additional drivers specific library files like sqljdbc.dll etc. Better to choose Oracle non XA driver(second item from the dropdown list) while you are configuring your datasource. HTH


That stored procedure isn't installed on SQL Server by default. Seems like JDBC needs to do some kind of initialization on that server first. Compare the target server with a server where the connection does work - I'll bet you find a difference in some JDBC item in Programs and Features, or hopefully this has already rung a bell about something that had to ...

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