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The design should be according to your requirements. If your requirement includes to store only some columnar data that are mostly required (mostly not null) then use tables with relations (foreign keys). If you just need some logging with situational tree structure data then use JSONB. For example, suppose that you store io_counters when counters are ...


I don't know much about graph database system and their capabilities but several traditional (SQL) database systems have options to store and manipulate XML documents: PostgreSQL: there is a XML data type and quite a lot of XML functions since version 8.3. SQL Server: has support for XML Data since version 2012 (and as announced this year, the DBMS will be ...


To setup mysql database server, follow step by step of below given URL


If the SSH drops without putting the mysql session into the background (along with nohup), then the DB connection is at the SSH session's mercy. So, yes, mysql would care about the lifecycle of the SSH session. You should launch it with & at the end as follows: nohup mysql -u root -p mydb < mydb.sql & Then, you can walk away feeling OK (you ...

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