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From the 12c docs: The SYS user is automatically granted the SYSDBA privilege upon installation. When you log in as user SYS, you must connect to the database as SYSDBA or SYSOPER. Connecting as a SYSDBA user invokes the SYSDBA privilege; connecting as SYSOPER invokes the SYSOPER privilege. Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control does not permit you ...


You'll want to create a directory without the t (sticky) permissions bit set, and have PostgreSQL copy the file into there. You should also make the directory setgid (g+s), as that makes the group inherited from the directory, not the creating process; see setgid directories. You could put this directory in /tmp but personally I'd put it some neutral ...


Neo4j is a database that sounds a fit for your needs. It is graph based database, there are many drivers for it in many languages and it is built in Java. In this database, you would specify the relationships within each node, rather than creating tables for joins, like in mySQL.

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