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Yes, just separate the rules with a space, for example: /SkipRules=PerfMonCounterNotCorruptedCheck FacetPowerShellCheck While SkipRules is undocumented, the list of rules is documented at: Edition Upgrade Rules Even more information at: SQL 2012 Setup Rules – The 'Missing Reference'


You probably want to install from the PostgreSQL YUM Repository as it has replaced both of those repositories. The repo rpm for CentOS 5 i386 is here for download. The difference in the version on that particular package are from changes to the repository URL, and not changes to the versions of the related packages. The last version of PostgreSQL 8.3 ...


Are you sure this returns the expected result? lse.subscriberid in both stats_emailopens and stats_linkclicks are NULLable, so NOT IN is dangerous. Try to replace it with NOT EXISTS or add WHERE subscriberid IS NOT NULL to both subqueries. Comparing INTEGERs to '' (ls.subscriberid<>'') is useless... Finally you might try to move some joins into a ...

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