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The Oracle documentation says that 512Mb of RAM is recommended to run Oracle XE, with 256Mb minimum required. In reality, with anything else running on the Linux box/VM, you're really going to struggle with just 256Mb. Make sure you've adhered to all of the pre-requisites in the documentation (kernel params, adding 2Gb of swap space) before you try and ...


I have resolved the issue myself only using following process : Change the replication mode to ROW. Restrict the size of max_binlog_size=30M In this way binary log file cant be of huge size and easy to replicate.


You will probably want the postgis2_94.x86_64 package from the pgdg94 repository, because that is the official RPM package repository for the PostgreSQL project. It also includes a rich ecosystem of tools around PostgreSQL in addition to all of the currently supported PostgreSQL releases according to the Versioning Policy of the PostgreSQL project.


First, what on the surface: innodb_buffer_pool_size 134 217 728, 134Mb for 25Gb database it is exactly too low from the screenshot we can see MySQL use only 15% of server memory, for InnoDB 50-75% of server memory - good choice Than need work with processes inside MySQL - what queries You run, how big result, any ORDER BY and GROUP BY operations, ...


RAM, mainly. Every connection gets a stack allocated, at the size of 1MB. The more connections you have, the more RAM is needed for them and the less RAM is available for keeping indices or the working set of data in RAM. So with your 19314 connections, roughly 19GB of RAM is used for connections. That's roughly a third of your available RAM – which is too ...


If you are using InnoDB, the "backup" is useless. ibdata1 is needed. And there are other issues. If you are using MyISAM, it will probably work.


I would not touch that directory, I have not found any references of other users using the SQL Developer software that comes with database binaries. Additionally, SQL Developer shipped with the database binaries is kind of outdated. Even comes with SQL Developer 3.2 I would just perform a seperate install. Also, I find it unusual that someone, who ...

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