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Check under /var/log/mysql/ like your my.cnf says. SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%log%'; -- to see if the settings really took effect. Is there a /etc/my.cnf file? Look at the arguments on mysqld that is running to see if they override anything. Did you restart mariadb?


Your file is probably large but empty. In SSMS, right-click on your database and go into Tasks, Shrink Files. DO NOT HIT OK IN THIS DIALOG - but it's the easiest way of seeing how empty your files are. Choose Log in the dropdown, and I imagine you'll see that your log file is actually 99% empty. You probably had a large process that grew the file to ...


In that case, go to McAfee audit plugin as it's compatible with MySQL from version 5.1 to latest GA. This plugin outputs in json nicely for you and you can filter nicely on the events you do and do not want.

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