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System databases cannot be mirrored or logshipping. The best way is to script and sync up desired objects e.g. logins, jobs, etc. The best tool that I have used so far for migrating databases, jobs, agent schedules, operators, logins, etc is powershell based


I have seen this only once so far, but there is an issue described in the My Oracle Suppport note: FIPS use causes ORA-01017: Invalid Username/password with Managed ODP.NET (Doc ID 1937500.1) I will not post the full content of this as it is not public, but here is the essence: This bug has been fixed in Managed Provider. Please note that the ...


Finally worked after changing the database owner. The database was reattached by a different user so the owner was something else. use [database name]; exec sp_changedbowner @loginame = 'loginX'; After that the user loginX was able to access the database. It still does not show under Security -> Users but the database is mapped for the loginX login on ...


For logins, only things that are like server audits. A SQL trace to capture logins. This is more intensive than using an audit though. An extended event session to capture the logins. You could cobble up a login trigger to record logins to a table, but this is probably the worst of them all. For expiries you can use Loginproperty('login_name', '...


A login is for authenticating to the server. A login maps to a database user to access the database. SELECT * from master.sys.sql_logins will list logins for Azure.


You can use sys.databases joined with sys.server_principals SELECT sd.NAME AS databaseName ,sp.NAME AS database_owner FROM sys.databases sd INNER JOIN sys.server_principals sp ON sd.owner_sid = sp.SID WHERE sd.state_desc = 'OFFLINE' --> since you want for offline databases ! You can even use at your own risk --> sp_msloginmappings ( <-- ...

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