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Ideally you can shutdown using /etc/init.d/mysqld stop I cannot add comments so requesting to post what do you see in error log when you do mysqladmin shutdown About kill commands please note that mysqld_safe is wrapper script which will start mysqld upon killing... so you should kill mysqld_safe first followed by mysqld. ( not a suggested way ...


Looks like someone inserted data by hand into the primary key of u5z87_extensions, and this primary key is auto-increment, this means you are in trouble. But i think you can solve that using: create table u5z87_extension_back like u5z87_extensions; insert into u5z87_extension_back(all columns excluding the primary key) select (all columns excluding the ...


Oracle 11g R2 Database Release 2 only support Windows, Linux, and Solaris. So if you want to using Oracle 11g R2 on a Mac OS you will need to using something like Virtual Box or VMware Fusion. You can read more about installing Oracle 11g R2 on these operating system here.

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