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For me the problem was that the SQL Server Agent wasn't running on the server. Open the SQL Server Configuration Manager and make sure SQL Server Agent is running. Before doing that you may have to open it's properties and set the Start Mode to Automatic and save the changes.


In looking through the documentation, I am having a hard time finding a reference for this, but the short answer is "yes" you need to run nodetool repair on each node in your cluster. The closest I can find is the documentation on repairing nodes which suggests that you should not run repair on more than one node in your cluster at a time. You can also run ...


No auto shrink can't permanently damage a database. It may lead to highly fragmented tables and indexes which may hurt performance. The fragmentation could be difficult to remove completely, but minor fragmentation itself shouldn't be a concern. You need to assess whether this is really an issue for you worth spending time and effort to fix.

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