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What kind of maintenance strategy do I need to put in place? Frankly this is something I have not worked on but if I were in your place I would take some time before closing the system and devote that time to maintenance activity. Depending on fragmentation suppose you plan is to perform the maintenance task weekly. So on Friday or weekends(as you like ...


When you delete from links_publicreply, it cascades that to delete child rows from links_link which would otherwise become orphaned (because the constraint is defined with ON DELETE CASCADE). But some of those rows being deleted in links_link are still referenced by rows in links_vote. The constraint between links_link and links_vote is not defined with ON ...


I have seen this behaviour - even when rebuilding online - you still need a schema modification (SCH-M) lock to change the index over. On a busy table, this can take time to acquire.

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