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There is another way to rebuild an entire MS SQL database. Step 1: Use script to copy data of all tables from Old to New database. Declare @OldDBName Varchar(200) Declare @NewDBName Varchar(200) Select @OldDBName='OldDB',@NewDBName='NewDB' Select 'Select * into '+@NewDBName+'.'+sc.name+'.'+tbl.Name+ ' From '+@OldDBName+'.'+sc.name+'.'+tbl.Name ...


To make the scripting task alot easier, you can also use 3rd party tools. MSVisualStudio has both a Schema and Data comparison toolset. I personnally prefer RedGate's SQLCompare tool. I also use theses kind of tools all the time to ease DEV->QA->PROD deployments. Once the schema is in place, you do a simple "Data import Wizard" to copy the data over, as ...

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