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My employer wants to keep the data, but not in a database, and wants to be able to restore it to that database if the need arises. If you want the data to be restored later, then best is to Script out schema of the tables that you wish to drop and save it as a sql script. BCP out the data (without using -n switch as -n is for native format which is ...


Not sure why your boss doesn't want to keep a backup of the DB on hand in the case of need of future restore, but I guess he has his reasons. The nice thing about exporting this data out to text files is that you could always import them back into databases that aren't necessarily SQL Server in the future - as well as read them with text editors in a pinch. ...


I would save the tables that you don't need as an SQL script - to be zipped afterwards. There's a freebie tool which does this here.

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