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One other solution is to backup the ReportServer database from your SSRS backend SQL Server and restore to SQL 2012/2014 and do an in place upgrade. Some Data source connection/password information may be lost unless you backup and restore the master keys as well. Nahci


I found the solution in case anyone else comes across this. The issue lied in the connection string property of the data source. For some reason (maybe standard, I am simply unaware of why) the connection string properties were empty after importing them to the new server. After setting them, they were able to hit the stored procedures and all reports ran ...


if you add a second disk i suggest to put data on to different tablespaces. a tablespace offers additional storage and is VERY easy to use: mkdir /whatever then in SQL: CREATE TABLESPACE myspace LOCATION '/whatever'; ALTER DATABASE x SET TABLESPACE myspace; of course you can also do this for single tables only. and yes, alternatively you can move the ...


You can't do it with minimal downtime, or not easily anyway. RDS doesn't support importing base backups and doing streaming replication to/from outside servers. See Getting WAL from AWS RDS and Moving a standalone DB to Amazon RDS. You'll have to dump and reload. If you're keen, you could instead set up Londiste or a similar tool to stream changes from ...


http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=66609 MySQL workbench does not support "Migration from Oracle DBs is not supported: http://dev.mysql.com/doc/workbench/en/wb-migration-database-concepts.html"


I have a script to move MySQL data from one version to another as long as it is MySQL 5.x If you look at my old post MySQL upgrade 5.0.88 to latest, I handle this situation going to a higher version. With slight modifications, I can make this process go backwards. STEP 01 : mysqldump all databases except mysql, information_schema, performance_schema ...

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