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If You already use MySQL Workbench, You can use menu: Database -> Synchronise with any Source Before apply changes it show You script, which You can copy and if need edit You can test it on copy of databases Also there are many other tools: Navicat SQLyog dbSchema and etc example of script: ALTER TABLE `test_db`.`company1_name` ADD FULLTEXT INDEX ...


There's no need for a commercial product. You could make use of for example Pentaho Data Integration to do the task. Back to the main question, here are the steps you could do to feed your data without recreating the tables every time: Create a capture data change mechanism (it works as a table), to log changes on tables (which table has been inserted ...


No, MySQL Workbench doesn't lock your database for read or write.


EDIT: I guess I deserved the -1 for my brevity and incomplete (i.e. wrong) answer. I was on the phone and had to keep it quick. Let me try again. I did a dry run for you on two test servers using the MySQL Workbench 6.3 CE migration wizard. With the default options the migration is -non- locking. This vanilla method has a downside however. If you migrate ...

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